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LaRae Brownewell, Pilates

LaRae Brownewell has a love for helping people find a more comfortable place in their own body and seeks to create a joyful experience to enrich both the body and the spirit. She has been practicing Yoga & Pilates since 2000. Starting out as a per-son who could not touch her toes or balance on one leg to save her life to a person who can bend in ways she would have never thought and stand on her head or hands!

After a very severe accident that took a year for her body to heal she began to see a deeper value in her Yoga & Pilates practice. LaRae could no longer walk across a room. She used exercises both physical and mental from Yoga & Pilates to design her own physical therapy. One year after her healing she was able to compete in the Siesta Key Triathlon, validating the benefits of these wonderful exercises. Seeing the deeper benefits of these exercise forms inspired her to become a teacher. Teaching a mixed level class where everyone can find their place and feel appropriately chal-lenged. It doesn't matter where you are at today, you can only start from where you are. The important thing is that you start the journey.