Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

Golf Course Overview

A Masterpiece by Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

Expanding on his father's legacy, the pioneering Robert Trent Jones, Jr. has built a golf course design firm of global renown.  His masterworks are showcased around the world in more than 200 distinctive courses in 38 countries on six continents.  At The Founders Golf and Social Club, he has sculpted a dramatic and rewarding course, taking cues from the natural landscape to create a design, "of the earth and for the spirit." 

Always committed to preserving the inherent beauty of the land, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. designs courses that blend harmoniously with the unique character of each location. His respect for the finesse of the game leads to ingenious designs known to reward strategic thought and shot selection over brute force.
Jones graces the golf world with timeless member-centric courses where, instead of disruptive professional events, "the most important tournament of the year is the Club Championship." The Founders Golf and Social Club's course reveals great character and challenging subtleties at every turn, enticing repeated and rewarding play by Members and their Guests.

Robert Trent Jones II
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